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The Hamden Fish and Game
Protective Association Inc.

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Hamden Fish and Game Protective Association Application for Senior Membership

Schedule of Fees:

Dues (Balance of First Year) $150.00
Initiation Fees Capital Assessment 300.00
CT State Tax 45.00
LESS Application Fee (250.00)
Total Due At Initiation $245.00

NRA Membership Information:
All club members must be members in good standing of the National Rifle Association. 
If a member, an applicant must submit an additional payment in the form of a check 
Made payable to NRA in the amount of $45.00. An NRA membership will be mailed to
the applicant. All subsequent renewals must be processed in the same manner through 
the club. For additional information, contact the NRA & Shooting Committee chairman.

Background Check Information:
If an applicant does not have a Pistol Permit, they are required to submit a LOCAL 
BACKGROUND CHECK from their local police department. In addition, they must also 
submit a Connecticut State Background Check. The form is located at:
Please select the ‘Connecticut Only Record by Name/Date of Birth Search’.
There is a $50.00 fee for this search. Allow two weeks processing time For any 
questions, please contact State of Connecticut, DESPP at 860-685-8450.
Application Checklist:

  • Complete Application Form – PRINT LEGIBLY AND CLEARLY.
  • Applicants must have a sponsor who is a member in good standing. If a sponsor is not available, contact the Membership Secretary for assistance:
  • Enclose a check for $250 made payable to Hamden Fish and Game.
  • Attach a copy of Pistol Permit OR submit the two Background Checks described above.
  • Attach a copy of NRA Membership Card or enclose a separate check made payable to NRA in the amount of $45.00 as described above. Subsequent NRA annual renewals will be made in the same manner.
  • A check for $245.00 will be due at time of induction into the club.
  • Applicants are on probation for the remainder of their first calendar year and for the next year thereafter. Probationary members must contribute 12 hours worktime per year or pay $25.00 per hour for worktime that is not performed in any calendar year.

Any questions, contact the Membership Secretary at:

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