Deceased Member Honor Roll


The Hamden Fish and Game
Protective Association Inc.

Deceased Member Honor Roll

To All Members:

Our Deceased Member Honor Roll is in the process of being updated and we need your help. If you know of any Member in good standing of the Hamden Fish and Game Protective Association who has passed on, please let us know by emailing Jerry Lehr at He is the grandson of one of our 8 founding members. He is chairing this project and would be happy to hear from you so that we can update our information. It does not matter when the Member passed away, our records are incomplete and we want to record all of the names for posterity. In order to help please send Jerry the name of the Member and the date (or approximate date) of their death, along with your name, your address, your phone number and your email address.

Thank you,
Mike Soufrine, President